NJMCdirect Fees & How to Pay Traffic Violation Tickets Online?

How to solve ticket error issues?

You will not get any ticket error issues when you provide the exact details as per the documents. In case, if you find any information with regards to the ticket, do enter the details again. Always note that it takes at least 5 days to display the ticket online after the officer bills on your vehicle.

NJMCdirect Convenience Fees

It is a well-known fact that any payments using debit or credit will be processed with a convenience fee. But this fee differs from one sector to another. When it comes to traffic bill payments using the NJMCdirect website, different amounts will be imposed on each type of penalty.

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The convenience fee is the minimum amount of charges added for making a connection between an automated traffic system and NJMCdirect service.

NJ Surcharge payment

If you delay paying your tickets on time in New Jersey then you will be penalized with Surcharge. You can pay the NJ Surcharge online at their official website Njmcdirect Surcharge.

“Mostly this nominal fee will be based on the penalty amount issued on your traffic ticket.” Below are the convenience fees applied for the penalty amount laid on you or the driver of the vehicle.

  • For penalty $1- $40, payment amount is $1
  • For penalty $41- $87, payment amount is $2
  • For penalty $88- $200, payment amount is $3
  • For penalty¬†above $200, the payment amount is $4

NJMCdirect payment issues

Generally, NJMCdirect will not encounter any payment issues while processing the bill. But there were a few chances to meet the payment issues due to server issues. I have added some issues reported by the users in the below discussion.

Why do I come across NJMCdirect payment issues?

There is no certain reason for facing NJMCdirect payment issues because it may be your system error or server problem. If the problem is from the server end, it will be solved as soon as possible. In other cases, you need to visit the court to solve the issue at a faster rate.

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Will my payment get canceled?

Yes, your payment gateway may get canceled when the page doesn’t respond. This will happen when you have poor internet connectivity or network issues. According to the terms and conditions, your payment may get canceled without any bank issues. If your money got deducted then you need to check for the refund status.

Will I get my amount refunded back?

If your payment is processed by mistake then your amount will be refunded to the respective bank account. Please contact the municipal court as soon as possible if you don’t get the money refunded in 5 working days.